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Berikut adalah daftar hotel yang ada di sekitar gunung Bromo, Tengger dan Semeru, lengkap dengan nomor telpon yang dapat anda hubungi serta informasi terkait.

Cafe Lava, Cemoro Lawang.
Lokasinya sangat dekat dengan pintu masuk taman nasional. Dengan harga yang relatif murah (sekitar Rp. 120.000 / kamar), penginapan ini cocok untuk anda yang ingin sedikit berhemat.

Cemara Indah, Cemoro Lawang, Phone : +62 335 541019
Penginapan ini memiliki pemandangan langsung ke gunung Bromo serta kamar mandi dilengkapi dengan air panas. Kekurangannya ialah beberapa travelers memiliki pengalaman buruk dengan mahalnya biaya sewa travel / kendaraan ke Bromo. Harga kamar berkisar Rp 200.000 s/d 600.000.

Hotel Bromo Permai, Jl Raya Cemoro Lawang, Ngadisari, Phone : +62 335 23459.
Lokasinya cukup strategis tetapi harga tiap kamarnya relatif lebih mahal dibanding penginapan-penginapan lain di sekitarnya.

Lava View Lodge, Cemoro Lawang, Phone : +62 335 541009.
Merupakan hotel yang paling berkelas di daerah Cemoro Lawang walaupun sepertinya sedikit terlihat lebih baik dari luar dibanding di dalamnya. Memiliki kamar-kamar yang bersih dan dilengkapi dengan air panas untuk mandi. Harga sekitar Rp. 375.000 / malam.

Yoschi's, Phone : +62 335 541018.
Merupakan penginapan yang cukup melegenda di kalangan backpackers. Berlokasi sekitar 3 Km dari Cemoro Lawang Gunung Bromo dengan harga cukup murah sekitar Rp. 100.000 / malam.

Java Banana Bromo, Jl Raya Bromo, Wonotoro, Sukapura, Probolinggo. Phone: +62 335 541193.
Sebuah hotel butik yang nyaman dengan pemandangan yang indah. Java Banana Bromo adalah sebuah pondokan sekaligus kafe dan galeri, juga menawarkan penyewaan sepeda gunung apabila anda ingin berpetualang di Bromo dengan menggunakan MTB. Harga mulai dari Rp 650.000 sudah termasuk perjalanan dengan jeep 4x4 ke Gunung Bromo.

Grand Bromo Hotel (sebelumnya bernama Hotel Raya Bromo), Desa Sukapura, Probolinggo. Phone: +62 335 581103.
Merupakan hotel kedua terbesar dan termewah yang ada di kawasan Bromo setelah Java Banana. Berlokasi di Sukapura, sekitar satu jam perjalanan dari Cemoro Lawang. Harga sekitar Rp. 600.000 sudah termasuk tour ke Bromo.

Bromo Cottages, Tosari, Pasuaran, Phone: +62 335 515253.
Walaupun bernama cottages, sebenarnya Bromo Cottages merupakan hotel kelas atas dengan sekitar 100 kamar. Tersedia layanan penyewaan mobil dan jasa wisata / tour. Harga mulai sekitar Rp. 600.000.

Bromo Surya Indah Homestay, Desa Wonokitri, Phone: +62 343 571049.
Sebuah penginapan sederhana dengan lokasi yang cukup strategis untuk melihat pemandangan Bromo. Cocok untuk anda yang ingin berhemat dengan harga sekitar Rp. 120.000 / malam.

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Battered Chris Froome retains lead of Critrium du Dauphin after rivals show respect.

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There is a host of manufacturers located all over the world manufacturing and supplying technologically advanced and high quality oxygen and nitrogen plants. Such plants are popular globally for offering both oxygen as well as nitrogen with purity upto 99.7% and 99.99% respectively. People and corporate houses are purchasing them as they offer oxygen and nitrogen in both forms gases as well as liquids. For having a number of newest features, the items manufactured in India get recognized. There are a number of India based manufacturers who do not compromise with the quality.


Before you start planning to buy the plants, you need to ascertain whether the plants fulfill the quality, reliability and authenticity standard. Oxygen nitrogen plant performs exceptionally so people from all over the world are purchasing and using them. If you want to purchase a high quality, durable and reliable oxygen nitrogen plant in India, you are suggested to explore the reputed and known manufacturers of the country. Choose an organization that designs, develops and exports the plant in technical collaboration of an Italian company.


Some features to look on oxygen nitrogen plant:


There are a number of features to look on before buying such a huge device. The features make the device sought after in the industry. Some of the common features you need to pay heed on include:

  • Energy efficient
  • Low upkeep expenses
  • Compact and sturdy design
  • Highly pure production
  • No civil foundation required

Are you searching oxygen nitrogen plant manufacturers in India? If your answer is affirmative, you are advised to explore the web. There are a number of companies manufacturing and exporting the products only after inducting technology from Italy. Despite of technology, the organizations also acquire design and drawing from the Italian company as they want perfection. On the other hand, they take raw materials from CE approved vendors.  And components are taken from international suppliers.

Oxygen nitrogen plant fabricated in India are highly effective and fall in the requirement of international customers. The devices are built in by employing the approved raw materials available in the market. The manufacturers and suppliers want to satisfy their customers so that provide exceptional after sales and warranty services. To serve their customers with perfection, the suppliers also create a customer care department accountable for answering the calls and emails sent by their clients. You need to make online search immediately so that you can collect the data needed to make the final decision.

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Recently, Short term financial Fast Payday loans are becoming one of the most dependable reason for fund for the customer especially whom has bad credit rating. At present on-line app for the personal bank loan features gotten normal methods for cash. This kind of personal bank loan is one of the very best big difference internet connections connected with fund for the business. This is the personal bank loan that may repair types economical help when you are in sudden disaster situation. Designed for undesirable lovers these kind of funds may perhaps symbolize a terrific economical burn for them. Short-term financial loans are typically drastically high-priced in comparison to other sorts of common lending options. It's a economical support for the individuals who feel the unable of asking for qualification for the personal bank loan by traditional bank. This kind of common lending options are typically inexpensive financial loans nonetheless are typically harder to help are eligible these individuals. Money companies obtain promise to help risk-free the exact funds in the event you absence in promise after which usually are not necessary to assist are eligible. There are several far more thank you's for being pleased to assist are eligible this kind of personal bank loan including occupied documentation, squandering amount of time in queue immediately after submitting these kind of difficulties you should watch for the exact personal bank loan amounts to acquire cost-free. If you are damaged employing bad credit history and have got any kind of necessary to assist guarantee the exact personal bank loan value after which this might become worse types instances when you are battling in order to supply naturally a bit of good go connected with cash value. Short term UK Payday Loans at financial loans are typically constrained and fast repair to your fund needs.

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