Association of Microfinance Institutions of Kenya

Yehu Microfinance Trust has been a member of AMFI for several years. AMFI’s activities are aimed at building the capacity of the microfinance industry to ensure the provision of high quality financial services to the low-income people and to uphold high ethical standards in the sector.

Triple Jump Advisory Services

Yehu Microfinance Trust has been in partnership with TJAS aiming at providing tailored consulting services to improve  operations.Its goal is to guide microfinance institutions to the next phase of development, with a particular focus on removing the bottlenecks which can impede sustainable growth and access to long-term sources of funds.


Yehu has partnered with Kiva to work with a like-minded organization so as to access its zero-percent interest funds. Kiva and Yehu Microfinance Trust (YMT) share a common mission of empowering the socio-economically marginalized through offering financial services.


Yehu has partnered with MYC4 to work with a like-minded organization so as to access its affordable loans with low interest. The partnership is to help uplift the lives of the marginalized in the region by providing financial support to small business to facilitate growth.